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Nat :)
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This was just found on google :p
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I am no longer, really artistically active on this account, but I hope that you will browse through my gallery :)


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Pick 10 random characters.
1. Greece
2. America
3. Russia
4. Sweden
5. France                
6. Germany         
7. Prussia            
8. Romano
9. Austria
10. England

1.) You found 1's secret stash of chocolate.
Greece? Lol, I don't think that is right :iconyaygreeceplz:
Shouldn't be his secret stash of kittens? xD

2.) 2 confesses his love to you.

America! :iconyayamericaplz:
Sounds pretty cool, dude! Let's go and, like, watch a horror movie as a date :p

3.) You walk into 3 in the street at midnight.
Russia xD
Oh my gosh, I don't know if I'd be happy or scared... And he is my favourtie character!! :iconyayrussiaplz:

4.) You win a free holiday with 4.

Sweden... Oh my god, most silent holiday ever! We'd probably be playing charades the whole time :iconyayswedenplz:

5.) 5 saves your life.
France :iconyayfranceplz:
We all know why he did that... I am not going to say anything more :p

6.) 6 is living in your house.
GERMANNYYYY WEEEEEEE~ :iconyaygermanyplz:
That would be totally awesome! Everything would be really clean and organized and the food would be pretty healthy too, except filled with Carbs :D

7.) You find 7's mobile phone (cell phone).
Prussia :iconyayprussiaplz:
Please guys, Gilbert is wayyy too awesome to even own a phone! He could just use Gilbird to transport messages. I mean, thats obvious *wink, wink*

8.) You're asleep and 8 comes in and wakes you up.
Romano :iconyayromanoplz:
He would probably be smacking me with tomatoes, and screaming in my ear to make me wake up!
He would be so impatient with me!

9.) 9 kidnaps you.
Austria??! :iconyayaustriaplz: ?
Guys, I don't even think that Austria could do that if he tried. I mean, since I do have Germany living with me technically, he could just scare Austria away or argue with him at least

10.) You go to the cinema. 10 is sitting in your seat.
England. :iconyayenglandplz:
Well, not just because this is Iggy, but because I am a true canadian I'll let him sit there, I'll just sit beside him. It's not that big of a deal. The movie we would be watching is 'Pirates of The Caribbean' OF COURSE #CaptainArthurKirkland #Movienight #yayomg #I'm annoying >: D

11.) 1 confesses his love for 7. You are hiding in a bush with 4.
Greece confessed his love for Prussia, while Sweden and I hide in a bush? OMG Is it bad to say that I could totally see this happen. xD I am not a Yaoi fan, but it would be hilarious!

12.) 2 and 9 are arguing.
America is arguing with Austria. Somehow I DON'T think this would happen. It would probably be about burgers though... Or America's lack of knowledge on classical music :D

13.) 6 is molesting 3.
Germany is molesting Russia O.o
Aweee, that is so innopropriate D: I just have to say that I feel really bad for Russia, though I think Russia would scar Germany for life by hitting him in the head with a pipe. xD

14.) 5 and 10 are stuck in a burning building but you can only save one.
England and France are stuck... In a burning building? D: I CAN ONLY SAVE 1? WHAT!?!!
I gotta say, Thank you M.A.S.H for randomizing the names perfectly xD
So I think I would probably have so save... England? No matter how much I love France, he would just probably get the wrong idea if I chose to save him :p
But of course if I had a real choice, I would save both of them :) It's the polite thing to do!

15.) 2 is invisible.
I don't think America could, even if he tried! That would be major role reversal with his brother.. Though I wonder what it would be like if Canada wasn't invisible and America was :o hmmm....

16.) OMG! 9 is more awesome than Prussia!
IMPOSSIBLE, AUSTRIA AND PRUSSIA ARE ON TOTALLY DIFFERENT LEVELS MAN! Prussia beat that guy up in war, did you forget :p

17.) 1, 6 and 4 are at your house for dinner. There's a black out.
Greece, Germany, and Sweden.... man, That would be the quietest black-out and dinner xD Oh my gosh I am actually laughing right now! :') lol

18.) 3 and 7 pull a prank on you.
Russia and Prussia! Yay, the countries that rhym! <--- Epic spelling fail. :\
Prussia would do most of the planning while Russia would execute it to scare me... No scratch that! Russia would plan all the scary things to do to me and Prussia would execute it perfectly :D Best Tag Team EVER!

19.) You walk in on 4 and 10 kissing.
Sweden and.... England.... OH MY STARS! 

20.) 4 and 9 steal your boat.While 5 and 7 rob your house.
Sweden and Austria steal my boat while... France and Prussia... Rob... my... house?
XD Oh my gosh, this is unexpected.
For the first part, I think I shouldn't have put their names in the randomizer :p I don't think that this would happen
and for the second part, THAT IS TOTALLY EXPECTED! I mean, two of the Bad Touch Trio? Obviously those two would rob my house! :D 

21.) You're on a cruise with 3 and 4 and the Bad Touch Trio (Prussia, France and Spain) is on the same one.
Russia and Sweden, huh? SCARIEST. CRUISE. EVER! (UNtil I get to know them ;) )
But then the Bad Touch Trio would open everybody up and get this party started!

22.) You need a new organ. 1 and 6 are both compatible.
Greece and Germany...
Hmm... I'll take Greece's organ just because I am part greek and it would be very beneficial :D

23.) 5 is robbing 2.
France is robbing America...
Yup.... Doesn't shock me :p

24.) You're being held hostage by 10. The hero is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9. Or multiple.
Held hostage by England and either of the ten would be my hero? Hm... THAT's Hard!
Okay so I want a team of people saving me.
So, I want Germany to break through the window and grab England, then Russia will come through the floor and get Busby's chair for England to sit on, then Prussia would come in, untie the ropes while America jumps out the window with me, therefore being DA HERO!
My imagination is too much for me sometimes xDDDDD

25.) 3 and 5 have robbed a bank. 5 comes to you for help.
France and Russia are robbing a bank and France comes to you for help!
What is with all of these robbery ones, oh my god XDDD hahahah
Okay, I think I want to help France, but I don't want to get in trouble so I dunno what I'd do for him. I'll figure something out!

26.) 6 is in a bad mood with 3 for robbing a bank. 6 comes to you.
SO basically Germany is mad at France.
Believe me, I would be too :p But I'll calmly explain to Germany that France was going into bankruptcy and that he would go on strike again if he didn't rob a bank :) Hopefully, Germany will understand!

27.) 1 and 7 are doing a monkey dance. You and 10 are watching and filming it.

Greece and Prussia and doing a monkey dance, while me and England are filming it.
Just... just... Yes, just yes :)

28.) 3, 5 and 9 are at a convention.
Russia, France and Austria are at a convention...
When you consider looking at this meme you just have to assume that they went to this convention to rob it because... heck, that is what everyone in this meme is doing! xD

29.) You, 1, 4, 6 and 10 are having a sleepover at 7's house.
Greece, Sweden, Germany, England at Prussia's house for a sleepover :D
It would be pretty quiet, with the exception of Prussia and maybe, just maybe, England. :p

30.) 2 is in love with 5 who is in love with 8 but 8 is in love with 2. 2 doesn't love 8 back, 5 doesn't love 2 back and 8 doesn't love 5 back.
America is in love with France who is in love with Romano, but Romano is in love with America. America doesn't love Romano back, France doesn't love America back and Romano doesn't love France back
Oh my gosh.... What? xD <3 <3 <3

I'm sorry... I'm done..... SO done xD

THis took me like an hour to complete. I TAG ANYBODY WHO WANTS TO DO IT! :D
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  • Listening to: Prince of Egypt, actually :)
  • Reading: Nothing.
  • Watching: Gypsy Sisters xD I'm sorry, its too hilarious!
  • Playing: Nothing.
  • Eating: Nothing.
  • Drinking: Orangjay Juicey :) -Inside joke with friends sorry

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XxSparrowingxX Nov 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, okay :)
(1 Reply)
we dont med another tracer
XxSparrowingxX Nov 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Please private message me your complaints :)

Thank you for your consideration,
besides I'll already explained to you and told you that it is just a misunderstanding and if it does resemble another piece then it is unintended
but anyway im sorry i misunderstood i'll be a lot more careful to wether a user is a tracer or not
ugh sorry there's so many tracers going around and im getting really tired of telling them off. like, i've had to deal with offsite tracers in the past 2 weeks, and im getting to the point of where i just accuse people for having a simile art style then whats being traced. i mean, what is there problem?
XxSparrowingxX Nov 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No, it's totally okay :)

I get it, I was so angry when a couple of my pieces were traced so I was, like, hunting some down to report them so that they could GTFO

Yeah, tracing is okay if you aren't putting it on the internet as yours, but when you are young learning how to draw in your bedroom then this can help you learn proportion, styles, etc. 

So yeah, there is no need to apologize really
C-R-Y-K-A-T Sep 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you so much for the +watch! :D and i remember you! from one of my old accounts...i remember your style and the soul eater (catversion) pic! :3
XxSparrowingxX Sep 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No, problem! You're artwork is very adorable and inspiring! :)

Oh, haha, that's so cool that you remember me :iconyayrussiaplz:

What was your old accounts name?
C-R-Y-K-A-T Sep 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:iconblushplz: thank you so much!

my old account was Aikacat or maybe even as old as xxPercyxCrystalxx ^^; BUT i do remember you.
XxSparrowingxX Sep 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
haha, no problem~o!! :D

Hmm.... Maybe, I think I recall that name, which is cooooolio!
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